"Heather is a very warm and generous person who quickly put me at ease. She radiates being centred, together with a very good sense of humour. Added with her deep knowledge of NLP and Life Coaching she was able to build a secure, non-judgmental environment in which I felt very comfortable to open up and to trust her with my deeper thoughts and problems. Through this great relationship Heather was able to guide me to explore what was holding me back and how I could develop further. It helped me to achieve my goal and I can highly recommend working with Heather."

K.B., London


"I worked with Heather for the specific issue of my fear of flying. I hadn't flown for 15 years and following a few sessions with Heather I managed a flight to and from Southern France this year. I am now booked for a flight to India.  Heather is a warm and empathic person and although I wondered how the technique could possibly work it definitely did!"

D.R., Maidstone


"I found the the weeks of life coaching extremely beneficial and my family and I continue to see results today. I was unfocused, negative and too busy with my day to day life to take time and sit and realise what I wanted for my future. After talking to Heather I felt very comfortable, we worked together to set my goals and my achievable targets to get my busy life back on track and get organised...things soon fell in to place. This had great effects in both my life and, in turn, my family too."

A.D., Teesside


"Welcoming, relaxing atmosphere to talk, think and be guided in, Heather was lovely and nothing was a problem, the sessions were really helpful to me, I am now heading towards future goals.

Thank You"

C.H., Middlesbrough

“When I first started meeting with Heather I was going through a particularly difficult time both personally and professionally.

I struggled to prioritise tasks and as a result felt like I was drowning and unable to cope.

Heather's structured approach to goal setting gave me great insight into what was actually important in my life.  This enabled me to change my perspective and think clearly. 

Following these sessions I began thinking more positively, focusing on my strengths and as a result I am in control of my life and feeling a lot more positive about the future.  Thanks”

S.F., Stockton-on-Tees


"I would highly recommend Heather Baker-Heriot as a Life Coach. I had never had a formal interview before and Heather coached and advised me on how to be prepared for potential questions and answers and how to approach things positively."

M.Y., Redcar


"Heather is able to gently nudge me when i get stuck, without it feeling threatening, she is great to have by your side, helping you achieve your goals - I highly recommend her as a coach."

J.B., Bath


"I am fortunate enough to have been coached by Heather and can testify that she is extremely warm and approachable. She very skilfully drew out my obstacles to achieving what I wanted so that we could plan how to overcome them, and thanks to her I have made some great changes to improve my health. My confidence has even been high enough to embark on setting up my own business! Thank you Heather: I would absolutely recommend you."

G.J., Horsham


"My life coaching session with Heather allowed me to figure out how I could combine my interest and to have a career that I will love! Heather`s guidance and honest feedback helped me to think through things and I can now clearly see what I need to do to make my dreams come true. I am looking forward to my future career!"

D.S., London